New Product Launch H2Office S-5 10/10/2011  


While stepping into the company’s 11th anniversary, Mind Body (Asia) Limited is excited to announce the upcoming new model, the 2nd generation of H2Office Series, model S-5. H2Office S-5 retains the following unique features:

•Energy saving programme

•Excellent temperature preservation technology

•Micro-computer control panel

•Leakage detection system

•Programmed auto sterilization system


Here are the new features of H2Office S-5:

•  Single output tap dispenser always has the problem of residue water in the tap based on previous selection. The remaining water, especially when it was hot, may be danger to the next user if he or she is expecting to get warm or ice cold water. The H2Office S-5 has two output taps. Hot water has its own dedicated tap and the other tap serve both warm and ice cold water. This can eliminate the danger of wrong expectation on the water temperature.

•  The H2Office S-5 is free to connect with different external devices such as coffee machine, ice-maker, boiler, etc.

•  With improved water output flow rate, the H2Office S-5 avoids the spill of water.

•  Simplified micro-computer control panel, not only easy to use but also enhance the stability.

•  Slim body saves more space that enables more flexible office design.

•  New colors (Pearl White & Stainless Steel) available, in order to compliment design-led pantries.

•  More simple and symmetric design with LED lighting.


A great combination of the above features, H2Office S-5 is an optimum water filtration dispenser that is primarily designed for office use. It’s simple and attractive design, functional and unique features make it highly appealing to those who want to have a green and sustainable office. To know more about the price and product details, please visit or call +852 2577 9091 for enquires.


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